About Us

We are experienced first aiders with many years of experience. We are drawn from different backgrounds, the emergency services, education, forces, commercial but we all have one thing in common, we do not grandstand or try to sound self-important.Court Hey

Our trainers are screened and must have direct experience of delivering first aid previously in a non-professional capacity despite some having backgrounds in the 999 services; for example all our trainers have actually delivered C.P.R. in real time whilst alone and responding to a medical emergency with no immediate back up save asking a bystander to call the emergency services. We believe this real experience as a lone responder is invaluable in delivering our training. We have an in depth knowledge of our respective training and can answer all your questions in a straightforward manner.

We reinforce the need to stay within their training and not to do anything which is not in the legal framework, we have shockingly become aware of numerous training sessions from other providers were trainers have “bolted on” their own private version of what to do, this will not happen with Mentor Training, ensuring all your staff are fully compliant with current law.

We will completely adhere to the guidelines of the Resuscitation Council (U.K.) the organisation, from which all first aid teaching providers must comply with. We endeavor to pass these skills to our students in a down to earth straightforward manner, using plain English to explain. You can rest assured your employees having been trained by us will leave us feeling confident and ready to use their life saving skills effectively, knowing exactly what to do in an unforeseen emergency. Over 90% of our current business is from referrals.

There is a widely assumed opinion that only the established major First Aid Organisations have first aid knowledge and are perceived wrongly as if they are an either an author or an authority on the subject in their own right. This is incorrect, we all (and do) have to comply with the Resuscitation Council (U.K.) guidelines under U.K. law enforced by the H.S.E.

We are proud to be a part of the national body of the Association of First Aiders Qualifications, which is strongly supported by the H.S.E. and regulated by Ofqual. This is your guarantee to quality and consistency. Call now to 0800 612 7348 and book your training with peace of mind.