First Aid Courses Liverpool – By Mentor Training

Here at Mentor Training, we are one of the leading specialists in delivering quality, engaging, first aid courses Liverpool. One of the main questions we get asked is if we can cater for both small and large organisations. At Mentor, we can happily accommodate companies of all sizes.

  • Strongly Recommended by the H.S.E
  • Train On-site or Off-site
  • Ofqual Regulated
  • Best Prices in North West

We have been providing high quality, informative courses to some of the most reputable companies in the Liverpool area. Our courses are designed to be easily digestible and engaging. We try not to get pupils bogged down with medical jargon,that can become daunting. Remember our pricing is transparent saving you your valuable time!

Frustrated trying to find prices for the training you need? We understand you are busy! We also understand the maze of contact forms,email inquiries and time-consuming telephone calls just to find something as easy as a price! Well at Mentor Training we have nothing to hide,just click on our prices link and there you are the best prices in Liverpool. We can supply quality H.S.E. approved training that is Ofqual Regulated for the best prices.

So please don’t end up wasting time on the phone suffering high-pressure sales tactics, landing you with overpriced services.

But we are not here just for the big boys on the block, if you need training for small numbers we can adjust our prices accordingly. So the smaller businesses can enjoy a trainer on your own premises delivering the training you need.

When choosing a training company, it is important that you weigh up all aspects before deciding. If you would like to ask us any questions before deciding, don’t hesitate to call us on the number above. We understand that there are many training companies for you to choose from in the north-west.

If you would like some help on making your decision feel free to look over some of our key features below.

Why Choose a Mentor First Aid Course?

No need to take the time consuming and risky path of “Due Diligence” to confirm trainers are qualified and courses comply with “The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981” We deliver Ofqual Regulated courses, giving you peace of mind!

Here are a few points to consider in placing your training with Mentor Training . . . .

  • Taking the risk with a non-regulated course may result in fines and re-training!
  • Best prices in Liverpool, that’s why others hide their prices!
  • We deliver in a friendly plain English format that has proved very popular with our clients.
  • Our trainers are local.
  • We will deliver to small classes.
  • We understand local businesses and work alongside them.
  • You will return, most of our clients are referrals from existing clients.

Once you take our course, your staff will become a certified first aider, which is compliant with H.S.E regulations. If you are based in and around Liverpool just call us and we will assist you.
Due to our high levels of experience, it has placed us as one of the leading training companies within the UK. If you are a business and are looking for first aid courses Liverpool, get in touch.

Experienced First Aid Training

An approved first aid course can significantly lower your company’s chance of becoming another statistic. With the benefit of being compliant with Health and Safety regulations.
We will deliver certified first aid courses in good old fashioned plain English,that are enjoyable and very easy to understand, you will be in a jargon-free zone. whether you require the one day Emergency First aid at Work (E.F.A.W), or the more comprehensive three day First Aid at Work (F.A.W course), dependent on your assessment, most employers find the E.F.A.W fits their specific needs but please refer to H.S.E. or speak to us on the following number.

If you found our courses enjoyable and informative please rate us or review us on our Google+ page or below on our website!